The Playtime Shop

I’m super excited to share that I have been approved as an Amazon Affiliate! That means that I have my very own dedicated Playtime Shop on Amazon where I can share items and if you purchase items from my shop, my practice can earn a commission on eligible items. It’s an easy way to support my practice and my ability to continue to provide free groups and services to parents within the community (like my free motherhood support group found here).

Here is a carefully curated list of items that I recommend to families to increase meaningful playtime, practice regulatory skills, problem solving, communication, and parent-child connection. There’s also a list for pregnancy and postpartum goodies. Each list is filled with items that either I have personally used or that my families have used and highly recommend. I hope you enjoy!

You can either search a specific category below or click here to be taken directly to my storefront.

Here you’ll find games and items that support connection and engagement with your child. This list focuses on eye contact, touch, presence, and playfulness (four components derived from Conscious Discipline). Lots of ideas for nurturing your relationship and supporting regulation will be found here.

This list focuses on ideas and activities that involve physical movement, as physiological regulation is a really important component of emotional regulation and child development. There are lots of ideas here for individual play and parent-child play.

Here’s a list of items that appeal to kids who enjoy (or need) a moment of quiet. Each item is geared toward emotional and physical regulation.

This list focuses on collaborative problem solving skills, flexibility, increasing distress tolerance, and sustaining engagement, even when things might feel a little hard. Some of these items focus on cooperation, some focus on competition, some focus on patience. It’s a solid place to start when looking for games and ideas to help your child with frustration and also overall cognitive function. Let’s work those brains while we play!

This list includes books that I use both at home and in my office. From separation anxiety, emotional regulation, big feelings, divorce, gratitude, parent-child connection, and more, you’ll find what you need here!

This list is for birthing persons and mamas who need super comfortable and practical items to support the pregnancy and postpartum transition.