Holistic Medication Management

Medication management for early childhood and perinatal mental health is a sensitive and important topic. Oftentimes, parents choose to pursue medication when they have exhausted all other forms of support for their child, or when it is evident that medicine will greatly assist with their child’s quality of life. Pregnant and postpartum parents often make the decision for medicinal support when the stressors of their environment and the demands of parenthood outweigh their ability to cope and feel present and happy.

Once the decision has been made to utilize medicinal support, obtaining that medicine in a clear, kind, and informed way shouldn’t be hard. Too often, people are left with the big questions of, “What do I even do to get this support? Who do I talk to? Where do I get the medicine? How does this work?” Because of this, we are working really hard to change the way families access and receive prescribed medication support.

Our psychiatric prescriber, Katie, believes in a holistic approach to prescribed medication. She does not only focus on your symptoms in a quick 15 minute visit. Instead, she invites you to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding your history, symptoms, goals, and intentions. For medication management, the process generally includes the following: a psychiatric intake, possible lab work, discussion regarding supplementation or alternative treatment options, and prescribed medication management.

Choosing to use prescribed medication to assist your quality of life doesn’t have to be scary. The reality is that you have a lot of options. If you have questions, please reach out! We can help you make the right decision for you or your child. You can learn more about our physician assistant and psychiatric prescriber, Katie, by clicking below.