About Alexa

Virtual Assistant, Alexa Morris, RN

Meet Alexa!

Meeting the needs of families that work with our practice is incredibly important to us. Sending an email and knowing there is a real human on the other side is a reassuring feeling and it’s one you are entitled to as a patient. As Ashley’s practice has grown, she has partnered with Alexa, a registered nurse and fellow mom who also owns her own virtual assistant business. Alexa’s role is an important one; she helps families with screeners, superbills for insurance reimbursement, and other administrative tasks that facilitate care to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With a compassionate heart and a wealth of medical knowledge, Alexa is uniquely positioned to offer tailored administrative support and guidance. We feel so fortunate to have access to her amazing services!

Alexa is a wife and mama to two children. She was born and raised in Georgia, but currently resides in Raleigh, NC. In her free time, Alexa enjoys lifting weights, reading a good book, and playing outside with her little ones.

You can reach out to Alexa directly by emailing her at alexa@playtimetherapy.org.